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Characteristics of the Population in PIN1 and PIN

During the first two phases of the PIN Study (PIN1 and PIN2), women were identified through prenatal clinics in central North Carolina. The following are some of the characteristics of the cohort of 3,163 women who were recruited between August 1995 and June 2000.

  • A substantial proportion of African-American (42%) and White (52%) women were recruited, with 6% in other racial groups.
  • Mother’s age is shifted toward the younger part of the distribution, with 16% age 16–19, 30% age 20–24, 25% age 25–29, 18% age 30–34, and 10% age 35 and over.
  • 49% of the women were married, 43% were single, and 8% were divorced, separated, or widowed.
  • Self-reported health behavior data reflect 30% having used tobacco at some time during the pregnancy, 40% having used alcohol although only 1% of the women report heavy use during the pregnancy, and 14% having used illicit drugs at some time since three months before pregnancy.
  • 80% of women were employed at some time during their pregnancy.
  • 12.8% of the women delivered prior to 37 weeks completed gestation, and 9.2% had a baby that was low birth weight (<2500 g).
  • The pregnancy outcome is known for all but 16 women (0.5%) who were lost to followup.